Webmoney Binary Options Brokers

WebMoney is an online payment system that is widely recognized and utilized by a broad range of people to send and receive money online. These individuals include traders in binary options and online brokers. The fact that the payment service, which is headquartered in Moscow, is compatible with both Android and iOS positions it as a serious competitor to well-known services such as PayPal and Perfect Money.

As a consequence of this, there is now a greater selection of binary options brokers that accept WebMoney.


Brokers of Binary Options That Accept WebMoney

Broker Max. Payout Min. Deposit Bonus Rating Free Demo Official website
Quotex logo 98% Payout 10$ Min. Deposit 70% Bonus 5/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker
IQ Option 95% Payout 10$ Min. Deposit No Bonus 5/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker
Pocket-Option logo 92% Payout 50$ Min. Deposit 50% Bonus 4.4/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker
Olymp Trade 90% Payout 10$ Min. Deposit No Bonus 4.4/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker
expertoption 90% Payout 10$ Min. Deposit No Bonus 4.4/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker
Binarycent logo 95% Payout 250$ Min. Deposit Up to 200% bonus 4.3/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker
binary.com logo 90% Payout 10$ Min. Deposit No bonus 4.1/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker

About WebMoney

In addition to functioning as a payment system and a service for sending and receiving money, WebMoney also functions as an exchange for digital assets.

Over 46 million users have registered for the service, and hundreds make use of it on a daily basis in order to send and receive monetary transactions.

The WebMoney logo can be found prominently displayed on the homepages and trading platforms of a large number of binary options brokers due to the popularity of this online payment method among online investors and traders. Among these include the fact that it can be obtained almost everywhere, that it can be used with a variety of currencies, and that it is quite simple to use.

How WebMoney Works

WebMoney was initially developed in 1998 in Russia with the purpose of easing the storage and movement of US dollars among the local population. Over the course of the next decades, the company expanded to provide a wide range of services in a number of different digital and fiat currencies.

When registering for WebMoney, new users will be required to provide a working phone number in addition to an email address; nevertheless, the rest of the process is brisk and uncomplicated. By providing additional verification documents, users of binary options trading platforms have the opportunity to make an application for a WebMoney Passport. This is a digital record that serves to authenticate the identity of its holders and protects them against fraud.

After clients have registered, they will be able to log in to their “keeper” account, which is the primary account from which they would manage their multiple currency virtual wallets.

Binary options traders have the choice of using either the less secure “keeper lite” account, which can be accessed from any web browser, or the more secure “keeper pro APK” mobile software on their mobile devices. Both methods allow them to utilize the service.

When making transactions using WebMoney, you will be required to provide your “purse” number, which serves as a distinctive identification for your online wallet. Customers have the option of paying for their goods using one of these currencies, or they can obtain a Mastercard to use instead.

Customers buy a digital “equivalent” to a real currency using the company’s wallets. This “equivalent” is then stored in the wallet and can be used for transactions, such as with WebMoney binary options brokers. The company’s wallets function on a system where customers buy real currencies using the wallets.

One product of this brand that exemplifies this concept is the “WMZ” purse, in which one “WMZ” is equivalent to one United States dollar.


WebMoney accepts a wide variety of currencies, including the U.S. dollar, the Euro, and the Russian ruble. Additionally, WebMoney takes gold (1 unit = 1 gram) and Bitcoin.

On the site itself, you may find specific instructions on how to make deposits in any of the available currencies. It is possible to make deposits via a wide number of ways, such as “cash-in” ATMs, wire transfers, card purchases, prepaid cards or vouchers, and other payment options.

Although WebMoney claims that 1 WMZ is equivalent to 1 USD, the exchange rate that you get from other providers may be different.

During the time that this article was being published, one of the online exchange companies was providing a rate of approximately 0.85 Perfect Money USD per WMZ unit.

However, people hailing from 94 various countries have discovered that making use of WebMoney to finance their accounts with binary options brokers is a method that is not only secure but also trustworthy and consistently produces favorable outcomes for them.

Although this list is not at all comprehensive, a few of the more well-known binary options brokers that accept WebMoney include Alpari, Pocket Option, and Deriv. If your platform for trading binary options offers WebMoney, that’s fantastic!

Transaction Times

A significant number of traders in binary options place a high value on the speed and ease with which transactions may be completed thanks to the proliferation of online payment methods. When it comes to speed, WebMoney will not let you down. Both deposits and withdrawals to and from wallets, as well as transactions with partner firms like binary brokerages, are done almost instantaneously.

If, however, you fund your WebMoney account using a bank transfer, there is one notable exception to this rule. In this scenario, the transaction will be processed at the standard transfer speed of your bank. Transactions using bitcoin can frequently take a number of hours to finish processing.

Examining the Various Costs and Fees

One of the most cost-effective pricing structures available for use with online payment methods is that provided by WebMoney, which charges a flat rate of 0.8% for each transaction.

No fees will be assessed to the customer in the event that they receive monies in their account or transfer cash between their own accounts. On the other hand, deposits are subject to a fee of one percent, in addition to any costs that your financial institution could assess for the completion of a wire transfer.

On the other hand, the great majority of binary options firms that accept WebMoney do not impose any fees on deposits made through their platform. However, the costs that are associated with withdrawals may be different from one financial institution to another.

Some WebMoney binary brokers will not charge a fee for withdrawals that exceed a certain threshold, while others may charge either a flat rate or a percentage of the whole amount.


Because the service has so many different layers of protection, customers of both WebMoney and binary options trading might potentially feel at ease when using it. For any and all financial dealings, users have the choice to either safeguard their accounts with a password or utilize two-factor authentication in the form of text message verification.

It’s possible that the security settings for your account will also let you block particular Internet Protocol addresses from being able to sign in.

Additionally, WebMoney encrypts all user data as a matter of course, and the premium Keeper Pro account comes equipped with a key file for login authentication.

Because its payment process protects merchants from dishonest customers who try to get refunds after they have got the stuff they have ordered, WebMoney is quite popular among business owners who sell goods and services online.

Because PayPal is more likely to side with the buyer in a disagreement, businesses should exercise caution when dealing with dishonest clients. However, all purchases are final, and corporations are not required to offer refunds.

When transferring money, individuals should exercise extreme caution because it is impossible to get the money back if the seller does not uphold their half of the contract.

In addition, if you are considering signing up with a WebMoney binary options broker, you should do some research on the security measures that are already in place at that particular brokerage. Have there been instances in the past when the data has been compromised? Do you encrypt your passwords as well as your credit card numbers?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using WebMoney

Brokers of binary options who accept WebMoney provide a variety of benefits.

Offers potential investors an alternative to utilizing their credit or debit cards when making deposits of monies
There are no withdrawal costs at all (though some binary options brokers charge)
The trading business can benefit from a straightforward and quick internet deposit option.
Currently, 94 nations are included in the coverage, therefore the availability is rather broad.
Utilized by a number of different trading platforms for binary options.
Provides support for the usage of a number of different standard units of money
Customers have the option of purchasing gold as well as Bitcoin.
Disadvantages The following is a list of some of the disadvantages that WebMoney binary options brokers have:

One of the countries that have restricted access to this area is the United States of America.
The price for changing money is rather high when compared to the fees charged by other suppliers of electronic wallets.
Because of the per-transaction costs, using WebMoney to make deposits is more expensive than using conventional card methods.
The “currency equivalents” that are kept in people’s wallets are frequently changed to genuine money at a high rate of exchange.
omits a calculator that would be helpful to traders of binary options for calculating exchange rates and fees
How to Withdraw Money From Your WebMoney Account The process of withdrawing money from your WebMoney account is exactly the same as the process of making a deposit using any other form of electronic currency at binary options brokers. After you have successfully logged in to your broker’s trading platform or website, you should immediately have access to a page labeled “cashier” or “deposits and withdrawals.”

Enter the amount that you wish to deposit, and then choose WebMoney as your preferred method of payment. If you are asked to provide personal information on a website for binary options, provide the number of your electronic wallet instead.

It is important that withdrawals stick to the same pattern. If you have questions regarding how to make deposits and withdrawals using WebMoney, you can either consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) part of the binary broker’s website or get in contact with customer support.

Conclusion about Brokers Offering Binary Options with WebMoney

WebMoney is a speedy, dependable, and well-established online payment service, and tens of thousands of customers log in to their accounts every day to make transfers utilizing the service. The scoop on brokers offering binary options with WebMoney is as follows:

WebMoney is a dependable online payment channel that provides various benefits to traders who prefer to avoid using bank cards when financing their binary options broker accounts. These traders may avoid using bank cards by utilizing WebMoney.

Although WebMoney’s fees are lower than the industry standard, they are often more than those associated with conventional card transactions. Additionally, the purse system, which is loaded with a currency “equivalent” rather than holding the currency itself, and which is usually prone to high exchange rate margins, may dissuade some binary options traders from participating in the market.

If you are interested in trading binary options and have heard that WebMoney is a way that is accepted for deposits, then you should look no further than the brokers that we suggest.

FAQ about WebMoney

Where can I get a list of Binary Options Brokers that are willing to take WebMoney?

A wide number of binary options brokers and trading platforms support WebMoney for both depositing and withdrawing funds from customer accounts. If you want to buy something, all you have to do is seek for the icon that represents WebMoney on the list of payment methods that are permitted there. Some of the most well-known names in the binary options trading market, such as Pocket Option and Alpari, are among the brokers who offer WebMoney as a payment method.

How can I make a deposit into my WebMoney trading account for binary options?

To start trading binary options, users in any of the 94 countries where WebMoney is permitted need to provide their email address and a phone number to sign up for a WebMoney account.

As soon as you sign up for WebMoney, you’ll be able to create wallets in a variety of different currencies, such as U.S. dollars, Euros, and Russian Rubles, among others. Each and every one of our wallets allows for top-ups to be made using a bank card, wire transfer, voucher, or automated teller machine.

After you have funded your WebMoney purse, you will be able to transfer cash to these binary options brokers or make purchases at any of the thousands of online retailers that are approved. We have gathered a list of binary options brokers that accept WebMoney deposits. Utilizing the cashier interface provided by the binary options brokerage and following the steps presented to you on-screen will allow you to make a deposit into your binary options brokerage account.

Is it risky to fund an online trading account using WebMoney in order to participate in binary options trading?

WebMoney is a well-established service that offers additional security measures on top of the industry standard. These additional protections for customers with the most thorough account verification include two-factor authentication, IP filtering, and other safeguards. WebMoney also provides customers with a multi-currency option. People are aware that they may rely on this service because of this reason.

However, traders in binary options should exercise extreme caution when transmitting cash to unidentified persons, as it is typically hard to retrieve funds once they have been transmitted.

As long as you stick with trustworthy and legal binary options brokers and provide them the correct information, you shouldn’t have any difficulty making payments through the service. In fact, you shouldn’t ever have to think about it.

Where exactly can I make a deposit using WebMoney while trading binary options?

WebMoney is frequently utilized by binary options traders as an alternate payment method to PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, JazzCash, Yoocash, and GCash, amongst other services of a comparable kind. The headquarters of WebMoney may be found in Moscow, Russia.

It is not possible for habitants of the United States to use WebMoney; nevertheless, those living in the United Kingdom, Lebanon, Morocco, Moldova, and Malaysia, amongst a great many other nations, have simple access to the service.

To get things rolling, have a look at our table of WebMoney binary options brokers that are available to traders located in your region.

Which currencies may be traded using WebMoney’s platform?

Accounts for virtual currency may be opened by users of WebMoney in a variety of different currencies, including US dollars, Euros, Russian Rubles, and Belarusian Rubles, amongst others.

Investors may use WebMoney wallets to store cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as a digital version of gold. Wallets can also be used to store a digital representation of gold. This indicates that traders of binary options who place bets on cryptocurrencies and foreign exchange are likely to select the payment option.

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