Binatex Review

Are you looking for information about opening an account Binatex? We have tested the platform extensively and will provide you with the following information. Is it worth your time to invest there? Check out our review for traders to find out more.Important note:

Binatex has stopped working and is now offline For the best alternatives, see below.


Upon examining the feedback and ratings of this broker, it has been determined that the overall opinion about them is not favorable. Binatex has stopped working and is now offline. Consequently, we advise against working with them.

The author recommends that people should deal with companies that are positioned 6th or higher in the rankings.


Introduction of Binatex

Binatex, an international broker in Binary Options, was established in 2015. It accepts traders from all over the world. Binatex’s main customers are Europeans, as the company is located in Cyprus. Binatex is managed by Binatexia LTD, Yulanta business Ltd. The website contains the company registration number and legal documents.

Binatex’s goal is to make Binary Options trading easy and secure. The broker also sponsors Alexander Volkov, a UFC fighter. This broker is growing in popularity. Trades can be started with a demo account, or with a minimum deposit of $10.Binatex Awards

Information about Company:

  • In 2015, the company was founded
  • Based in three countries (Cyprus Europe, Seychelles, and Europe)
  • Multi-awarded platform
  • Alexander Volkov, UFC fighter, is sponsored by a sponsor
  • Popular platform in Europe
  • The company strives to create the best trading platform

Binatex Platform Trading explained:

This section will provide a deeper insight into the trading conditions of traders. If you are looking to make a long-term profit trading Binary Options, you need reliable brokers and good software. Binatex provides a trading platform that can be used on both mobile and desktop devices. Binary Options can be traded on various markets with a selectable expiry.

Below is a screenshot from the trading platform.Screenshot of Binatex Trading Platform

Binary Options can be a risky investment product that allows you to invest in falling or rising prices. Binatex can offer traders a fixed return up to 90%. There are only two options. Either you win the fixed return, or you lose your investment. You must forecast the price movements accurately. Binary Options trading will give you an entry price (strike rate) for your order. To win the fixed return, the price must be at or below your strike level after a set time period (expiry).

Summary of Binary Options trading instrument:

  • Invest in falling or rising markets
  • Find an entry point (strike cost)
  • Loss and profit are limited
  • Time limit for expiry: 60 seconds to 24 hours
  • Maximum Return on Investment: 90%

Conditions and trading instruments

Binatex allows you to trade stocks, commodities, and forex. Although there is less variety than other brokers, we believe you will be able to trade with Binatex. There are a variety of major and exotic currencies. The yield (return on investment) ranges from 70% to 90%. It depends on market conditions (time) and the asset.

On average, more than 3000 traders are using the platform simultaneously. Trader can open a demo account for free of $10.000 or deposit a minimum of $10. Binatex allows anyone to participate in the financial market. The minimum trade amount is also $1Binatex Asset profitability

Binary Options trading is free of hidden fees. No commissions will be charged for trading, depositing or withdrawing funds on the platform. You can get a 100% bonus for depositing money on the platform. This bonus gives you extra money. Binatex has proven to offer competitive trading conditions due to its stable return on investment and quick order execution. We will demonstrate how to trade in the next section.

Binatex: Trading with Binatex

You can easily learn how to trade on the Binatex platform. You only need to understand how the financial product works. You must first analyze the market. Many trading strategies are available online that work well. Binatex also offers trading videos that explain the platform and its trading strategies. Binatex is a great resource for education.Ordermask of the Binatex Platform

Once you have made a forecast for the price movement, you can decide the amount to invest. The cost is only 1$. The order mask will show you the potential payout (in this case, above 90%+ = $190 payout). You can also choose the expiry (or time horizon) for the trade. The trade will be closed when the time expires. You’ll know whether you won or lost.

You can now invest in rising or falling prices (call/put) with just one click. You will instantly see your strike price and order details. Market movements are constant. After the expiry period, you will be able to make a profit if the price falls below or above your entry point (strike price). To make your investment return, the forecast must be accurate.

How can you trade with Binatex?

  1. Do a market analysis and forecast
  2. Select your investment amount
  3. You can choose the expiry time for the trade (60 seconds to 24 hours).
  4. Invest in falling or rising prices
  5. Do not wait until the option is complete
  6. Accept the loss or win of the trade

Binatex: Should you open an Account?

Binatex may be a legal entity, but it is not regulated. Our research shows that the broker is currently working to regulate financial markets in Europe and abroad. We don’t know when the final regulation will be. Alex Volkov’s sponsorship is another sign of reliability. We can also see advertisements for the company on tv-shows.

The broker should be tried by you. We recommend that you withdraw your profits quickly as it is not regulated. You can also start with very little money. We have found that the broker does not cheat its clients. You should verify the trading account to ensure a great trading experience. We discuss this in the next section.

How to open a new account

Binatex is easy to open an account. It takes only your email address to open an account with Binatex. You can trade immediately without verification. It is important to complete the account profile accurately. After you have deposited money or made a withdrawal, the broker may require personal documentation. However, opening an account should not be a problem. The broker accepts traders from all over the world, except the United States.

Binatex allows you to open an account

Create an account in just a few steps:

  1. You don’t need an email address to open the account.
  2. Trade without verification
  3. Accepted traders from all over the world, except the United States
  4. For $10.000, you get access to the platform directly and a demo account

Free demo account for beginners

The demo account is free for anyone who is new to trading and the Binatex platform. This account allows you to practice trading with virtual money. The demo account allows you to test the platform without taking any risks. The demo account allows you to deposit virtual currency if you lose. Every trader has an unlimited account. You can choose between demo and real money trading with just one click.

Examine the withdrawal and deposit money options:

You can deposit as little as $10 to get started. We will also review the conditions and payment methods for money transactions. Binatex offers more then 10 payment options for withdrawal and deposit. The payment method you choose will vary depending on where you live.

For their transactions, traders can use credit cards and cryptocurrencies as well as electronic wallets such Webmoney, Yandex, VLoad, Webmoney. Surprisingly, there are no fees to deposit or withdraw money from the platform. According to the broker, withdrawals can be made within 24 hours of working days. European banks manage the money.Binatex Payment transactions

It is easy to make a deposit on the Binatex platform. You can also accept a bonus up to 100% if you wish. Binatex offers traders special bonus codes and events.

Information about Binatex payments:

  • There are no fees to withdraw or deposit money
  • Electronic wallets, cryptocurrencies and credit cards
  • Get a free bonus
  • Minimum deposit $10
  • Rapid withdrawal

Support for traders

Multi-language support is available, which works 24 hours a week although sometimes it is unavailable for a few hours. Chat, email and phone support are available. The page can also be translated into over 20 languages.

This service isn’t as good as other brokers. The support team is slow and there are very few videos. We can’t give Binatex five stars.

Chat, Phone, Email24/78 (800)

Conclusion: Binatex is a legitimate broker

Binatex is an offshore broker that is very popular at the moment. You can trade with no verification and open a trading account quickly. Start with $10 and get a free demo account to trade more than 50 assets.

Traders have the opportunity to profit from high returns up to 90%+ as well as the bonus program. The platform is working well, but we believe that the broker could make it better. There are no hidden fees for traders.

Binatex can be considered a legal entity, but there is not an official regulation. We tested the platform using a small deposit and it worked well.


Upon examining the feedback and ratings of this broker, it has been determined that the overall opinion about them is not favorable. Binatex has stopped working and is now offline. Consequently, we advise against working with them.

The author recommends that people should deal with companies that are positioned 6th or higher in the rankings.

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