IQCent Review: Is it a scam or not?

IQCent Review: Is it a scam or not?

IQcent’s service is high-risk. It is recommended that you do not invest money you cannot afford. The firm will not be liable for any loss or damage to your money if it is lost.

Each investment has some risk, but each type of investment has a different level of risk. Before investing in any type of asset, it is important to have all relevant information.

Higher returns are associated with higher risks. There is no guarantee of a return on investment. One can lose all their investments.

IQcent recommends you have the knowledge about legal, taxation and financial grounds to determine if the investment is right for you.

IQcent will make every effort to start a trade at the price requested by the client. However, this does not lower the risk of the investment. The trade agreement includes a variety of terms and conditions.

What is IQcent? – The broker that presented

IQcent, a new binary options brokerage company that accepts cents, allows you to trade financial instruments starting at $0.01. In 2017, the company launched the binary broker and began online CFD trading in 2020. The platform’s primary location is Majuro in Marshall Islands.

In IQcent, you cannot open a demo account. However, you can still be eligible by opening a live account and financing it. With the assistance of customer service, you will be able to obtain demo account credentials. Demo accounts allow traders to trade in a safe environment.

There are three account types: bronze, silver and gold. Each one has different features.

The new features of the online trading platform include copy trading. This allows you to easily copy the movements of top traders and make profit quickly. These experts can help you gain experience and knowledge. Minimum deposit fees is $10

It offers live support to clients and helps them overcome any confusion.

(Risk Warning: Your capital could be at Risk)

What are Binary Options on IQ Cents?

These are the types of options where the payout heavily relies on the yes/no proposition. It is related to whether the price of a financial instruments will rise or fall above the specified amount. Binary options don’t give clients the option to purchase or sell any particular financial instrument. Binary options trading can be done through platforms such as IQcent.

Types of accounts:

The interactive website makes it easy to trade with IQcent. There are many accounts available to suit different client needs.

Three types of accounts are available on the online trading platform. Check out the following accounts and features if you’re a beginner who wants to start online speculation.

Types of live accounts that IQcent offers:

#1 Gold

  • Master Class
  • Copy-trading Tool
  • Personal success manager
  • In sixty minutes, withdraw your money
  • Demo account
  • Support via video chat

#2 Silver

  • Bonuses greater than 50%
  • Demo account
  • These trades were risk-free
  • Master Class
  • Copy-trading Tool
  • In sixty minutes, withdraw your money
  • Live support available 24 hours a day

#3 Bronze

  • Copy-trading Tool
  • Bonuses up to 20%
  • Demo account
  • In sixty minutes, withdraw your money

(Risk Warning: Your capital could be at Risk)

Accepted Countries:

If the account opening country allows international trading with brokers, trading is permitted from all parts of the globe. The US does not have access to its services. Some features of the online trading platform may not be available in certain countries due to legal reasons.

Recognition and Awards

Potential clients will be more likely to trust an online platform if it has been awarded.

According to the resources, IQcent is a new online trading platform and has not yet received any awards. They have the potential to be recognized for the innovative products they have created. Binary options will soon be recognized by online trading platforms.

Creating an account at IQcent

It is easy to create an account at IQcent. These are the steps to follow:

  • Click on the “sign up” option at the IQcent website. Fill in the form correctly. Incorrect information can cause problems in account verification.
  • You can review the terms and conditions after signing up. Click on the “I agree” checkbox to confirm that you have read and understood these terms.
  • Next, select the next button.
  • Demo account available to help you start trading.

Clients must submit their identification and proof of residency. IQcent can close the account if you are unable to verify the proofs.

Deposits can be made in GBP, USD or RUB through a variety of methods.

(Risk Warning: Your capital could be at Risk)

Deposits and withdrawals on IQcent

You can open any type account at IQcent, provided you make a minimum deposit of $10.

You can withdraw using the following methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Ethereum
  • Perfect Money
  • Altcoins
  • Litecoin
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

Except for perfect money which may take up to 60 minutes, processing deposits happens in no time. Usually, withdrawals can be made within sixty minutes of confirmation.

Review of the IQcent trading platform, and other features

Platform is the name of the software that allows forex trading. A broker company offers a platform for its clients to trade. Multi-asset trades allow trading of forex and other assets. These assets could include stock indices or cryptocurrencies as well as precious metals.

IQcent offers its trading platform, the IQcent platform. It’s a user-friendly, interactive trading platform. All the information you need is available once the account has been opened.

It also includes a copy trading tool that will help clients. It is easy to learn from and copy the experts and are then placed on the top of the list based upon their performance.

Different types of trading charts make navigation easier. You can also access technical analysis and patterns of the market to help you understand the market position.

Execution of trades is made easier by the CALL and PUT buttons on IQcent’s platform. Trade execution takes anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes. It has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use on any device.

It is simple to access data stored on the website. This data is not accessible from different devices.

You can trade with all the tools available.

You can trade in multiple assets using the charts feature located at the centre of the website.

The website has measuring tools that allow you to measure potential gains and losses. You can add comments to your portfolio using the text tools.

The trading platform supports English, Spanish and Russian languages.

(Risk Warning: Your capital could be at Risk)


IQcent offers a list with the top ten most successful traders. The clients trust these traders and have tested them. Copy trading can be started by funding your account and selecting the professional. You can now copy the moves of the professional, which will help you win the trade.

Both old and new users can access this feature. This tool can be used by both old and new users to make quick profits, while the new users can learn from the experts.

Copy-trading can also help minimize losses and allocate funds to such assets where there is less risk than other financial instruments.

This feature saves clients time and creates an environment where traders are not at risk.

Free bonus program:

Attractive deposit bonuses are a common way for online brokers to attract traders. It is important to fully understand the terms and conditions of the bonus.

After you have proven yourself to be an active trader, you will receive a certain bonus. This is a return on the expenses that you made since signing up. For new traders, bonuses are a way to compensate them for choosing a broker.

When you trade in high volumes, bonuses will only be of benefit to you. IQcent offers its clients a bonus on their initial deposits.

Refer a friend, family member, or colleague to the online broker and receive a 20% bonus on your deposits. You can share the link with friends and acquaintances to earn the money.


Leverage can be up to 1:100 on the trading platform. Leveraged trading is a way to make a profit. It can also increase the risk of losing. This allows you to be exposed to the speculative markets in a significant way.

> Register a free account with IQcent

(Risk Warning: Your capital could be at Risk)

Fees and costs

Spreads, margins and commissions are what determine the cost of speculative trades. Spread is the difference between the selling and buying rates. Pip is the smallest increase due to movement in the exchange rates.

Margin refers to the amount required to open an account position. Margin is calculated using the base currency, US Dollars, leverage and position’s volume.

Commissions are charges that are imposed by brokers on trader’s behalf to initiate trade. The amount of commission depends on the asset traded and the services offered.

Some brokers do not offer personal advice when trading online. They are known as execution-only broker.

Contract for Difference Trading is a feature that allows traders to speculate on the changing prices of the financial markets.

IQcent does not charge any fees for withdrawal and deposit. However, bank fees will be applied if the transaction is done using a debit or credit card. The spread rate on the trading platform is lower than other platforms. No commission is charged by the broker.

Assets of IQcent

Online platform provides 15 cryptocurrency pairs, 4 stocks and 26 currency pairs. It also offers 2 commodities. The expiry time is between one and thirty minutes.

IQcent’s Products and Markets.

IQcent’s trading platform offers more than 100 trading instruments, including cryptocurrencies, commodities and indices.

  • Commodities

Contract trading in commodities markets is used to trade tangible goods. It is very similar to the currency exchange market.

  • Forex

Forex market is a marketplace in which currency exchanges are conducted according to floating rates. Participants of the Forex market include individuals, financial institutions, and companies.

  • Energy

Because of its availability and high demand, energy is a popular commodity to trade. This results in a high price.

  • Precious Metals

Contracts are used to trade precious metals such as silver and gold on the market.

  • Indices

An index is a small part of a large company. They may also represent a specific stock market. The value of shares in a company is determined by its index.

Promotion and contest

  • Prizes

IQcent gives away a prize for every client deposit. To win a prize, you must meet the minimum deposit requirements.

  • Contest

Every week the winner prize of $20000 will be announced and all traders are eligible to participate. The cash award for the first four positions is $20000, while all other positions get the bonus.

Customer support

Broker companies must provide excellent customer service and ensure that trading activities run smoothly. These obstacles must be removed immediately.

IQcent offers live chats and video calling to help clients address their problems. The assistance is available 24 hours a day to minimize any inconveniences. The support team can be reached via live chat, email, or phone call.

The best thing about the online platform is their education center. This allows clients to solve simpler problems quickly and efficiently without having to waste time.

(Risk Warning: Your capital could be at Risk)


Potential traders should conduct thorough research on the marketing aspects of the trade before they start the process. It would be a good idea to continue your research even during trades. Success in trading on the speculative markets depends heavily on the trader’s knowledge and experience.

It is essential to research in order to gain experience and minimize potential losses due the market’s uncertainties. You must ensure that you invest in the correct asset from the many available.

The trading platform features include a variety of research options offered by brokers.

Regulation and Safety

The trader must ensure that the platform is secure and reliable before he or she begins speculative trading. A trader must be certain that he can rely on a platform such as IQcent. It is important to identify which regulatory authority monitors online trading platforms in order to assess their safety.

IQcent is not a brokerage service that is regulated.

IQcent is an unregulated online trading platform. Users need to be aware of the possibility that their funds could be at risk. It is not known if IQcent keeps client funds separate from broker accounts. Because they do not have a license from the regulator, the partners of the online trading platform cannot be held responsible.

Because it doesn’t have regulations to monitor its online brokers, the broker is not required to comply with them. IQcent does not register its agents and partners. IQcent does not provide any service in the USA.

Education and training

It is important to learn all you can about forex trading online, including the operation of financial markets and their price determination.

Potential clients of an online trading platform need to be informed about the pros and cons. To gain experience and knowledge, the speculative trader should explore all sources.

Potential traders could face difficulty trading on the market due to lack of knowledge. This can lead to heavy losses. The IQcent website provides assistance in opening a demo account. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section.

Trades in highly volatile and risky environments can be difficult. This is why it is important to have the right knowledge to make online speculations.

If you open a IQcent gold or silver account, you will be able to access a learning feature that includes a masterclass web session.

(Risk Warning: Your capital could be at Risk)

The legitimacy of IQcent

IQcent is an FGC-operating company. The financial services license is held by the finance company. We can therefore say that trading with IQcent is safe. The trading platform is trustworthy and legitimate. You can also trust their transparency when trading. This platform is the best choice for trading.

Recommendation for IQcent

IQcent is a safe trading platform. You have seen this clearly during your research. Interactive features on the site are useful for you to grow your investment. This platform was created to provide a significant complement to other brokers. The platform offers contests, low minimum deposit requirements, customer support, as well as many other attractive features.

New traders will find it easy to use the website’s user interface, which makes trading easier. Your performance will reflect on your portfolio, including the asset you trade in and the growth of your investment.

Conclusion: I found no scams

We conclude that trading with IQcent is simple because it’s a new platform that allows you to trade with interactive features. This will help you grow your investments. This is a new way to trade binary options. It is easy to use, reliable, and trustworthy.

The signup process for the online trading platform is simple and traders can begin trading in minutes.

IQcent is a great resource for new traders. It offers intelligent tutorials as well as copy trading to help you learn the basics of online trading.

To learn more about IQcent, you can visit their website. You can find helpful information in the FAQ and 24-hour customer support.

Trades in speculative markets should be done with a reliable broker to ensure that your hard-earned cash is not lost. also read the opinions of other traders about IQcent.

(Risk Warning: Your capital could be at Risk)