Binomo Review

Binomo Review

Binomo is an online trading platform that is known for its low trading minimums and a host of other features that are beneficial to both new and experienced traders. This trading platform is fast becoming a popular online trading site. Binomo is one the most well-known brokers.

The proprietary trading platform was created to offer top-notch support. Binomo offers training courses that help users improve their trading abilities, provides customer support and offers analytical services. The headquarters of Binomo are located in Saint Vincent and Grenadines.

The trading platform was created in 2014 and allows traders earn. It can offer top-notch services and a wide variety of intellectual products. Binomo’s broker pays particular attention to traders’ learned preparation.

This review covers all aspects about Binomo’s services and features, including mobile apps, demo accounts, trading platforms, and account types. Continue reading the Binomo Review to find out if Binomo is the right option for you.

A quick overview of the Binomo app for 2022

Products available:Stocks, commodities, indices
Headquarters:Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Minimum initial deposit:$10
Demo account:Yes
MetaTrader 4 – MT4:No
MetaTrader 5 MT5:No
Trading Fee:No
No Charge Withdrawal:About 10%
Supported Currencies:USD, GBP and CAD are available.
Customer support:Support via email or Help Center

What is Binomo?

Dolphin Corporation owns Binomo, which is based in Saint Vincent-the Grenadines. St. Vincent Bank Ltd currently hosts over 861,429 active traders per day and more than 29,682,945 lucrative weekly transactions. These numbers will continue to grow.

Binomo brokers is a trading company that provides services to clients worldwide. It ensures the highest quality and offers access to financial markets across borders. These attractive offers offer consumers the best level of mutual trust and a friendly business exchange environment.

Transparency in client relationships and high-tech support allow traders to get a true picture of global financial institution’s needs. As a result, there will be fewer hazard alerts. International Financial Commission (IFC), has granted the trading platform accreditation. All clients’ risks are covered under current legislation. These safeguards ensure that Binomo’s commercial sector is protected.

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Is it safe for Binomo to be used?

You don’t need to be concerned about security or authenticity as Binomo is an international financial commission-regulated platform for asset trading. Site has been granted the Verify My Trade commercial quality accreditation to ensure that it offers excellent service. Further proof of its reliability is the 2015 FE Award and 2016 IAIR Award for excellence in finance, global markets and financial services.

Binomo Regulation

  • Binomo is now a member of the International Finance Commission, (IFC) in Category A. IFC is an international non-profit organization that aids in the regulation and supervision of financial markets. The fact that Binomo has been regulated and is a Category A member speaks volumes about the brokerage’s reputation.
  • IFC has a compensation fund that is available to all its members. This is a benefit for traders. This means that traders will be protected up to EUR20,000 if Binomo’s funds are compromised. This protects traders’ funds and ensures Binomo recognises their value.
  • Binomo is a member IFC Category A and has been certified by the FMMC. IFC’s VerifyMyTrade section audits them regularly. These audits and its independent certification attest to the integrity of Binomo’s brokerage.
  • Binomo is currently pursuing a CySEC license. International clients are very important when selecting a broker. These certificates, audits, and regulations show that Binomo has a reputation as a reliable broker with favorable business circumstances.

Which countries are Binomos available?

Binomo is currently available in 133 countries, including India, Brazil and Indonesia as well as Turkey, Vietnam, Vietnam, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, and other nations. It is not available in these countries:

Andorra, Australia.

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What is Binomo’s working principle?

Binomo is not a game, and many traders who join the platform are new to trading ask how to play it. Beginners should be aware of the importance of learning everything about the platform before they start trading. This includes how to use the tools, and how to read the charts. There are many useful tips and lessons to be found on the Binomo website.

How do I create an account at Binomo

Follow these steps to create a Binomo Account and log in quickly.

  • Click on to access the Binomo login page.
  • Select English or another language from the top-right corner.
  • Log in with your Google/Facebook username or email address.
  • Select a currency that you wish to trade. Once created, the currency in your account cannot be modified.
  • To avoid violating platform restrictions, please read and agree to the Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy.
  • Click on “Create Account” to finish the process.

Before you can open a new account, you must delete the old one. Multiple accounts are against Binomo’s regulations. The company can request documentation to prove that an account holder is actually who they claim to be. Binomo’s automated verification process now takes only a few minutes, as opposed to IQ Option which could take several days.

Binomo account types:

Binomo has a range of account types. Each type requires a different amount of deposit and offers distinct benefits.

  1. Register for a free account

Binomo account features are an imitation of the real account. This trademark can be used to practice trading before you start trading on a live exchange. Consumers have the option to view the platform’s highlights and make a profit without having to spend any money. Customers can open a free account using digital currency, with a $1,000 profit.

  1. Default account:

A Standard account can be opened for as low as $10. This account is legal and allows you to access all features of Binomo’s trading platform, including the majority of assets (there are 70 total). Profit margins upto 85% Trades begin at $1 which is ideal if you are a beginner trader looking to expand your knowledge. You can withdraw your money within three business days.

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  1. Gold Account

For a Gold account, a minimum deposit of $500 must be made. A Gold account offers more benefits than the ones mentioned. It allows you to select from a greater range of assets, faster withdrawals (upto 24 hours), larger bonuses, support and analytical advice, as well as a weekly 5% cashback.

  1. VIP account

For serious traders, VIP accounts require a minimum deposit amount of $1,000. VIP account holders have all the privileges mentioned above, including bonuses up to 100%, fixed trading earnings up to 87%, withdrawals within less than four hours, and a 10% weekly cashback. You also have access to all assets on the trading platform.

Although the proprietary trading platform offers VIP accounts, the minimum deposit required is still low compared to other brokers who require much more investment. This broker is a great choice for beginners traders because it requires very little deposit.

Binomo: How do you trade?

It is possible to wonder how you can make money with Binomo. However, remember that online trading takes time. Fixed-time trading (FTT), allows you to profit directly from price movements. Trading takes some experience and knowledge. Here are the steps to get started with Binomo trading

  • Choose the asset that you wish to trade. You will need to decide on the amount and length of the deal.
  • Predict whether the graph will move up or down.
  • If your prediction is correct, you’ll make a profit. If it’s wrong, you’ll lose your money.

Binomo mobile app:

Binomo offers a fully functional, high-quality mobile app and a responsive mobile platform to support your desktop service. Your trading app is available in both Android and iOS versions.

Push notifications are used to notify traders of promotions and transactions as soon as they become available. Binomo is an excellent choice for those who trade on the move due to the availability of notifications and overall quality of the app.

The app covers all the basics. While the desktop platform is useful for more detailed research, the app has a lot of value. The Binomo app has been designed to be compatible with the Binomo desktop interface. This allows users to seamlessly switch between them.

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Binomo’s Extraordinary Features:

Here are some features that make Binomo stand out from its competitors.

  1. Demo account:

Binomo provides customers with a sample account that is well-organized and reasonably priced. Logging in will give you access to a demo account, where you can trade. You can access the demo account by entering your email address.

After a user signs up, a virtual $1,000 reward scheme is added to their trading account. This reward is available to clients once they have mastered the online trading platform and website. Individuals who are looking for positive returns can add it up anytime.

You can use this risk-free account to determine if it is right for you. Demo accounts are available to traders who want to learn more about trading assets and how to train.

  1. Various payment methods:

All payment options are available to meet the customer’s needs. It’s a platform that offers customers simple, convenient payment options that will benefit their funds.

International customers can benefit from the business account. The location of the customer will determine the likelihood of making a profit. Binomo card or e-wallet assistance can be used depending on where the customer is located. You can make $10 profit by using the additional benefits of payment forms.

  1. Special Offers/Bonuses/Promotions

Although there are some special offers, many of them are very time-sensitive and subject to change. These special offers are clearly displayed on the website so that you don’t have too look. Although they can range in size from 25% to 100%, most welcome bonuses are a bit more complicated. For example, the promotion allows you to make a deposit to receive up to $150 in bonus options.

  1. 24/7 Customer Service

For novice traders, it is crucial to be able contact your broker to ask questions or raise concerns. It is important to know that your broker will respond quickly and efficiently to any questions or problems you may have. Binomo offers a live chat option. You can open the chat box by clicking the red message button at bottom of screen. This is available on desktops and mobile devices. You will then see many language options.

  1. Deposits and withdrawals

Binomo’s minimum deposit is dependent on the account type you choose to open. A Standard account allows you to trade with real money starting at $10. However, VIP accounts require you to deposit at least $1000 within 24 hours. A 10% fee may be assessed for withdrawing funds. However, this is only applicable if you haven’t completed a certain amount of trades. All your data is protected against fraud and encrypted on the site. Binomo allows you to make withdrawals and deposits in many ways.

  1. Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards
  2. Jeton
  3. Indian banks
  4. neteller

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Binomo Assets/Market:

Binomo offers open trading on over 60 assets for traders who sign up for their platform. Examples of markets include commodities and forex. For short-term trading, more volatile markets can be beneficial.

They offer many different businesses to their customers, in addition to offering multiple markets. This can make it easier for traders to explore different markets and test other assets.

Binomo offers only High/Low trading options, but the number of assets on offer more than compensates. For those who are interested in trading, the following list includes current markets on Binomo:

  1. Stocks of large companies/leading stocks
  2. Currency pairs (AUD/USD & GBP/USD).
  3. Indexes.
  4. Goods pairs.

Binomo trade type:

Binomo offers the regular High/Low trading option, also known as call/put and turbo trades. All online brokers offer the standard buy/sell derivative High/Low. High/low is a method of predicting whether an asset’s final market price will rise or fall below its price at a particular time.

Turbo trades can be used in place of standard trades, but they are shorter-term. Binomo allows seamless trading, despite not offering many trading types. Binomo is different from other online brokers because the market never closes. This allows you to trade whenever you like, even weekends.

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Binomo’s trading advantages:

These are the benefits of trading with Binomo, for beginners and experts alike, that traders can take advantage of if they want to trade in the future.

  • It has low entry requirements, which makes it ideal for traders who are just starting out in trading.
  • Demo account fully functional with all necessary learning resources
  • This is a simple, functional method of sorting accounts.
  • A trading platform that is well-designed and features cutting-edge features
  • Quick, easy and reliable withdrawals
  • Concentrate on the rapidly growing markets of Brazil and India.

Binomo trading disadvantages:

Binomo is a great service but it has its drawbacks. These are just a few of the disadvantages:

  • Markets and assets are scarce.
  • There is no regulatory body.
  • There is no desktop software; there are only browsers and apps.
  • There are no signals, insights or social trading options.

How to contact Bimono directly?

While we want to assist our readers in every way possible, sometimes it is easier to talk directly to your investment site than to email. Binomo can help you with any questions about trading or other matters.

  • Binomo email:
  • Address, Dolphin Corporation First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building James Street, Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Binomo trading tips

These tips will allow you to trade seamlessly with Binomo.

  1. Trade size: You can only trade between 2% to 5% of your total account in one trade, and you have the freedom to make great choices.
  2. Get all the information you need about selected markets. Once you have a solid understanding of the asset, you will be able to trade in full.
  3. Only trade money you can afford: If you trade in large amounts, you won’t be able make informed decisions.
  4. To practice, improve, and test techniques, you can use the demo account together with your real account.
  5. Don’t chase down losses or make trades out of random. Keep track of your transactions.

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Binomo is a great option for novice and experienced traders. We concluded this conclusion based on the fact that there is a $10 minimum deposit and a $1 minimum trade amount. To get an idea of the platform, even if you deposit $10, you can trade ten times.

This platform is less risky than other sites that have a $25 minimum trading requirement. Their demo account is easy enough to be used by even novice traders.

Customer service is good and mobile trading seems to work well for those who are on the move. It is easy to navigate and use. Binomo is a good alternative to a broker that caters for novice traders.

Here are the facts about Binomo’s website and mobile app.

You can trade and invest without needing to contact an agent.

Editor’s note: This online trading platform provides tips and reviews on how professionals and beginners can use their services. The press release is below.

Do you want to trade? This review will cover everything you need to know about the Binomo platform. This review will cover the most important information about how to trade on the move and get started. Learn how to withdraw and deposit funds, practice and the steps required to become a professional trader.

What is Binomo?

Binomo allows you to trade and invest online without the need to speak to an agent. Users can earn additional money by changing currencies and investing in other assets. The platform offers four types of accounts: VIP, Standard, Gold, and Gold. Traders have different benefits, tools, and bonuses depending on which account type they choose.

The Binomo mobile application is great for those who are constantly on the move. It offers almost the same features and support services as the web version.

Where can I download the app?

Mobile devices can be used to trade with the Binomo app. You can find the yellow logo in Google Play and App Store. If you have trouble downloading the app from Google Play, you can download the APK file here:

The Binomo trading app can only be used on smartphones and tablets. You will not be able get the software for Windows or Mac OS. If you wish to log in to Binomo using a desktop computer, the web version is best.

Is Binomo reliable to use?

You don’t need to be concerned if you are unsure if the platform can be trusted and is real or fake. Binomo is an international financial commission-regulated platform for asset trading. The platform was also awarded a Verify My Trade quality certificate for its quality service. The platform also received the FE Award for 2015 and the IAIR Award for 2016 for excellence in global finance and markets.

You can also find reviews of websites and apps online to make sure that the platform is legal but not illegal. Positive feedback from brokers and traders will be shared on trusted forums. Click here to find out if Binomo is fraudulent or legit.

The website also provides additional information about the company such as contact information and the headquarters address. For the most recent updates, you can also check their LinkedIn profile. It regularly informs users of any changes to its news feed.

What is Binomo’s working principle?

Binomo is not a game, and many traders who are new to the platform want to know how to play it. Before trading, beginners should learn about the platform, including how to use the tools, and how to read the charts. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started on the Binomo website.

Log in and sign up

Follow these steps to sign up for Binomo. Log in easily.

You can access the Binomo login page via the app or the web version of the app.
You can choose English or another accessible language at the top of the page.
Log in to your Google/Facebook account by entering your email address, password, or by entering your email address.
Choose a trading currency. The currency chosen for the account can’t be changed after registration.
To avoid violating platform rules, please review and agree to the Customer Agreement and Privacy Policies.
Click “Create an Account”.
You must close an existing account before you open a new one. Binomo regulations prohibit multiple accounts.

The company might request documentation to prove account holder identification. It takes just a few minutes with Binomo’s automated verification process (vs. the IQ Option which used to take days).

demo account

All users have instant access to the Binomo Demo Account after they register. You can trade with a virtual $1000 in a safe environment, before you move into the real world. This can help reduce the chance of you losing your investment.

Once you have mastered your Demo account skills, deposit real money to trade. Understanding the platform’s requirements for fair trade is essential. It’s important to avoid signals and bots as they can be misleading. Dishonest methods may violate Binomo regulations.

Trading tips

The Help Center is a Wikipedia for merchants and provides answers to commonly asked questions. There are many trading strategies available on the platform. Please note that not all strategies can guarantee a trade’s success. You cannot win with any strategy. Instead, you must gain experience and trade your own trades. Learn how to change them, and you’ll develop your own method of forecasting.

You can chat with a support specialist or use the chatbot to ask more questions about Binomo’s platform. You can access the chatbot in both Android and iOS apps. You can participate in tournaments to earn extra funds or get additional training. Most popular is the “Daily Free”, where there is no fee.

first deposit

There are many deposit options to choose from for users’ convenience. The most common deposit options in the Philippines include GCash, Cards and Banks. Some systems, such as PayPal, are not available. The Help Center has a complete list.

Minimum deposit is $10. You will get a standard account with extended features once you have deposited it.

Trade value can be increased by using no deposit or deposit bonuses. These bonuses can be offered by promotions, by a personal manager or on your first deposit if you have just opened a demo account. Use the provided code or coupon to redeem them. You will see the offers in your “Bonus” section. Binomo’s terms & conditions provide more details.

Binomo is a trading platform

It’s easy to wonder how you can make money with Binomo. But remember, online trading is not an option to quickly make a profit. Fixed Time Trading (FTT), which allows you to make additional income from price fluctuations, is a great way to earn more. Trading requires experience and knowledge. How to trade on Binomo

Select the asset that you wish to trade.

Decide the trade size and the length you would like it to last.
If you think the graph will move UP or down, make a prediction. If you are correct, you earn extra profit. Otherwise, you lose your investment.
Observation! Sign up for BinPartner affiliate program if you have a website and/or social media accounts with relevant audiences. You can earn additional profit by referring merchants at Binomo.

How do I withdraw funds from Binomo

Merchants looking to withdraw money from Binomo must be aware that only one payment method can be used to withdraw funds. The trader’s account type, payment system and withdrawal time can affect how long it takes to withdraw funds. Withdrawals may take up to three days depending on what the trader is using.

The maximum withdrawal amount is $3,000 per day or $10,000 per week and $40,000 per monthly. Keep in mind, however, that different payment systems might have their own withdrawal limits.

There is no commission for withdrawing funds from this platform. IQ Option vs. Binomo charges a $31 fee for each transfer.

Observation! Binomo allows you to withdraw a minimum amount of $10.