INTRADE BAR is a unique broker in the CIS region that has been providing a secure, reliable trading experience for its customers for over three years. Unlike many other brokers, it does not block trading accounts or limit withdrawals of funds. Intrade Bar puts customer satisfaction at the forefront and provides excellent customer service and support to ensure smooth transactions and hassle-free withdrawals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, can be an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable binary options broker in the CIS region.


Upon examining the feedback and ratings of this broker, it has been determined that the overall opinion about them is not favorable. Consequently, we advise against working with them.

The author recommends that people should deal with companies that are positioned 6th or higher in the rankings.


Intrade Bar quick overview

💻 Trading platformIntrade Bar trading platform, TradingView, and Android mobile app
📊 Types of accounts:Demo, Classic, Sprint
💰 Currency for account:USD, RUB
💵 Deposit/WithdrawalVISA, MasterCard, Яндекс.Деньги, Payeer, QIWI, Perfect Money, NIX Money, Adv Cash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Zcash, Ripple, Exmo
🚀 Minimum deposit:10 USD
📈️ Minimum OrderMinimum investment: 1$, 600₽
🔧 Instruments:21 Forex pairs and Commodities
📱Mobile trading:Yes
➕ Affiliate Program:Yes
⭐ Trade featuresNews Clicker v2.1
🎁 Bonuses and contests:Yes


  • The presence of a risk management function, to establish the allowable values ​​of loss and profit;
  • 10$ minimum deposit


  • No copy trading services and passive earning options;
  • A small set of assets, only currency pairs and commodities
  • offshore registration and lack of license;
  • The support service does not work on weekends and after 5:00 p.m. in Moscow.

What is Intrade Bar ?

Intrade Bar is an ever-evolving broker, rapidly growing in popularity among its intended customers. The company strives to maintain transparency and integrity in all its dealings with customers and does not attempt to manipulate their trades.

Intrade Bar can be a powerful platform with many advantages. Before using it for trading, you should thoroughly evaluate its capabilities, the tools and instruments available for trading, as well as the overall user experience. We will go over these and other important elements in detail now!

Trading platform

Intrade Bar is an innovative trading platform that utilizes FXCM quotes, one of the leading brokerage companies, to provide accurate and honest quotes every second in a special section. This platform offers traders access to a variety of markets, including Forex pairs and commodities. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features such as price alerts and market analysis tools, makes trading easier and more profitable for traders of all levels.

Type of trading account

Intrade Bar is an online trading platform that offers two types of accounts: a free demo account and live trading account in real money. The demo account allows users to get familiar with the platform and practice their skills before engaging in real money trading. Meanwhile, the live trading account enables users to place trades with real money. provides support for both experienced traders and newcomers alike, making it a great option for those looking to enter into the world of binary options trading.


Binary options brokers often advertise that they offer payouts of up to 95%, which is an unusually high figure. It’s important to recognize that when a broker states they offer payouts of up to 95% on binary options, this is an unusually high figure and may not always be true for each individual asset. Usually, this payment is less than 60-70%. With, you will not encounter this.

One of the main differences between Intrade Bar and some other brokers is the fixed payouts per trade. They do not change depending on the time of day or the currency pair. That is, you do not need to worry that this percentage may suddenly fall.

It can only increase. At the moment, for expirations for 3 minutes, the payout is 82%, and for bets above 5000r or $80, the payout is 85%.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Intrade bar is a binary options trading platform that has made it easier and faster to get paid for your trading. With the platform, you no longer have to wait days or weeks for your hard-earned money. provides access to instantly receive payments with no extra fees or hidden charges. This makes it easier for binary options traders to manage their finances and gives them more control over their money.

Withdrawing money from your Intrade Bar trading account has never been easier. Thanks to the advancements in technology, most online brokers now offer fast and secure withdrawals that can be completed within an hour or even minutes. On Intrade Bar, withdrawal requests are typically processed within 5-15 minutes, making it easy and convenient for traders to access their funds quickly.

Bonus and promo

Many trading platforms offer bonuses for traders who use their services. However, some platforms do not offer such a feature, and this can be frustrating for traders who are looking to maximize their deposits. Intrade Bar trading platform does not bind bonuses for trading and does not have such a feature.

Risk management feature

For those who are struggling to stay disciplined with their trading, Trading robots and automation can be the perfect solution. These robots can be programmed to automatically disable trading at pre-determined levels, helping traders stay within their limits and avoid making costly mistakes. With this robot, traders can have peace of mind that they won’t overtrade and take on more risk than they are comfortable with.

Customer support

Intrade Bar has revolutionized the concept of customer service, offering an innovative solution to ensure customer satisfaction. Instead of simply providing technical support, has taken the extra step and implemented a system that deducts $5 from managers’ salaries for each unanswered or incorrectly answered customer query. This not only encourages staff to give efficient and timely responses but also provides customers with peace of mind knowing their issues are being taken seriously by management. In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to find the time to get help when you need it. Fortunately, with the help of a chat-based, you can get quick and reliable answers to your questions within 1 minute on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm Moscow time.

Contactsemail: Phone:  + 441315070565

INTRADE.BAR broker regulation

INTRADE BAR broker is functioning without the required license certificate, making it can be an unreliable source to trade with. It is advised to invest with caution and use other authorized brokers in order to prevent possible financial losses. The organization’s management and most of their customers concluded that they do not need to invest in a document that won’t be useful to their clients and doesn’t provide adequate protection. INTRADE.BAR has adopted the innovative approach to use the funds saved from forgoing a certificate and instead use it to reward customers with gifts. It is more beneficial for traders to receive positive feedback than just having a piece of paper that holds no true significance.


Intrade Bar is a reliable binary option trading platform that has been providing top-notch services for more than 3 years. The company is known for its honesty, as it has never deceived any of its customers during this time period and has always withdrawn 100% of the applications for withdrawal. Additionally, recently created a section to check quotes that are received from reliable sources and updated every minute to ensure accuracy. With such dedication to customer satisfaction and trustworthiness, can be an excellent choice for those looking to trade binary options safely and securely.

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