Broker INTRADE.BAR (spare domain, was registered in Scotland in 2016. INTRADE.BAR was created to make it easy to trade and earn on the market binary option. It can be used in all browsers and has flexible settings.

INTRADE.BAR: Is it a scam or fraud designed to deceive traders? Or a reliable, honest, and transparent binary option broker ? The broker will allow trader to withdraw money and make profit without any difficulties? Read our broker review to find out the answers.

INTRADE.BAR Quick Overview

Binary Options BrokerINTRADE.BAR
Website (New domain)
Social networksVKontakteTelegramBlog
Date of foundationYear 2016
Head officeP.O. Box 305, Griffith Corporate Center Box 1510 Beachmont, Kingstown St. Vincent & the grenadines
Owner of the LTD
Types of supportEmail: Chat VKontakte Telegram
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
TerminalsTradingView, author’s platform
Providers of liquidityFxcm
Min first depositStarting at 10 USD
Min rateStarting at 1 USD
Broker commissionTo display 80 rubles on the cards. + 3%. An average electronic wallet output of 2.5% and Payeer output – 5.5%.
Payout datesInstantly
BonusesZero Commission when you replenish the account
PaymentsUp to 85 %
Free demo – accountOpen demo – account
Types of accountsDemo, Real
Replenishment methodsNixMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Bank Card ( Visa / MC ), UMoney, Kryptovalutes, FK Wallet, TRON
Output MethodsAdvcash, NixMoney, Payeer, Perfect Money, Qiwi, Webmoney, Cryptocurrency, Bank Card ( Visa / MC ), UMoney, TRON
Asset quantity20 +
Asset TypesCurrency pairsRaw materials
Numerous indicators40 +
Account CurrencyUSD, RUB
ExpirationFrom 5 minutes up to 1 day
Mobile tradingMobile applications exist
Weekend TradingNo
Tournaments / ContestsA tournament lasting one week is held once a month
Training for tradersNo
Affiliate ProgramPercentage of referrals or brokers turnover
BenefitsTrade terms favorable
Convenient terminal
Technical support from professionals
Rapid withdrawal of earnings
Available Minimum Deposit
Strategies and risk management Tools
AdvantagesThere is no regulator or license
The site has very little information
Information about the companyLegal name: Ltd
Legal address: Suite305, Griffith Corporate Center. P.O. Box 1510 Beachmont, Kingstown St. Vincent & the grenadines
Last Update10/04/2022
Overall rating9.3 / 10

INTRADE.BAR Trading conditions

INTRADE.BAR partners with customers to offer favorable terms. Newcomers can also use the demo trading platform to learn more about the capabilities of the broker platform. The withdrawal of funds from an account takes between 5 and 15 minutes. In rare cases, delays up to one hour may be possible. Weekends and nighttime may be an exception to this fast output. The broker will process your application within the business day if the withdrawal occurs on non-working hours.

INTRADE.BAR is a good option for traders who trade well and never block their accounts. The broker makes sure that payments are not delayed for unspecified reasons. For 3 minutes, it is 80%; for more, it’s 77%. With a — asset rank of 97%, the broker will never stop paying.

INTRADE.BAR won’t call clients. You can reach us online to get help anytime you need it. We respond within a few minutes, most often during weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00 Moscow time. To avoid provoking customers to beat them, the broker doesn’t give deposit bonuses. This can lead to increased risk and eventually the loss of all deposits. The company doesn’t require identity verification. She can only request additional documents if she withdraws money from a card that has not been replenished.

INTRADE.BAR Broker offers “revolutionary” trading, high payments, no verification, quick withdrawals, management risk adjustment, and other features.

INTRADE.BAR introduced a crucial option for trading: “Risk of Management”. Once the trader has entered the platform, he can adjust his acceptable level of risk and manage emotions. The trader will be presented with a window in which he can choose to enter maximum risk and maximum profits. He may also refuse this suggestion and opt to skip it. The trading day will not be possible if you have already entered the values into the management risk program. Profitability is greatly affected by risk management. This solution is great for customers who can’t control their emotions. However, every trader must manage the risk.

Highly qualified technical support has been created by the company, making it one of the most respected in the CIS. INTRADE.BAR will take 5 dollars off the salaries of managers who do not answer client questions or misguide them. This money will be transferred into the account of the trader that asked the manager a question. The official Telegrams channel — has all the latest information. Up-to-date information is also available in the VKontakte group at

News clerk

INTRADE.BAR created the first news clicker, “News Clicker v2.1”, for instant transaction completion in automatic mode after news releases. After publishing data for 0.1 seconds, he opens transactions and does not conflict with other news.

Multiple coordinates can be specified for clicks. A news clique can be used to trade with different brokers. The broker will not be able to see the results of the program. It is available for free for 3 days to test it. You can use the news clicker in many financial markets such as binary options and FOREX. For 1 computer, the paid version costs $69 A license is available for unlimited computers (666 US dollars).

Registration with INTRADE.BAR

Before you register, decide which mode of transactions you will use. This can be either in the training account or in real money. Demo mode – Trading allows the client to test the system and learn how to make money. You can change to real trading in the Profile section by moving the Demo slider – Real.

Create a account

You can trade the first profit and withdraw it. Once you have chosen a real account type, you will need to complete the registration form. Here you will need to provide your client name and email. A letter with your data will be sent to you to create your personal account. It can also get into the Spam folder.

Personal Office

The personal account of the trader at the site is divided into sections:

  • Profile. The transition between a real and demo account is described in the first paragraph of –. Demo account can be edited. Next, choose the currency to be used for your account: ruble or dollar. You can trade in one click, so you don’t have to spend time verifying the transaction. A special switch has been created to alter the background of the terminal for those who love “dark” themes. The graph can be scaled.
  • Refill account and withdraw funds. There are 9 ways to replenish or withdraw capital. Verification is not necessary.
  • Statistics. The broker can be used to analyze transactions. Here are the most profitable assets and their expirations. This section is useful for monitoring system performance and allowing for adjustment. The statistics can be reset if necessary.
  • Broker News. Actual company news.
  • FAQ section. These are the most frequently asked questions.
  • Safety. You can change your password.
  • Affiliate program. To attract partners, a link is provided. There are also complete statistics about earnings and transitions. You can choose to receive 1% or 53% of the broker’s earnings.

Trading Platform

INTRADE.BAR uses a graphite platform Tradingview FXCM quotations. A window opens in the platform at the start of every trading day. Here the trader can input risk parameters. When the system stops functioning, the level of profit and loss are indicated. You can trade in three modes:

  • Classic (the end of the exposure is every 5 minutes. Payout — 77%
  • Sprint (any time between 3 and 500 minutes, pay — 80% for 3 min., above 3 min. pay — 77%
  • Random ( random graph expiry between 5 sec and 500 minutes, movement based upon random number generator, 24/7, payout — 97%

What are the steps to close a deal? You only need to select a currency pair and the amount of the transaction (from 50 rubles to $ 1 ), expiry, direction (up or down, CALL OR PUT ) in order for you to make a deal. The transaction will then appear in the “open transaction” subsection. After it is completed, it will be moved into the “closed” section.

Trading platform allows technical analysis directly on the chart. Can be created resistance levels and support levels using the tools on the left side panel. You can also add indicators to the list at the top. Technical analysis can be done by traders using MT4, TradingView, or NinjaTrader. The company has a solution that allows you to quickly access assets that interest you, and turns off the schedule.

Broker quotes

The broker will do everything possible to ensure his client receives a high-quality service. The liquidity supplier, Thomson Reuters, which is an international organization that provides up-to-date and accurate data on assets for trading participants in financial market, can also contribute to this.

Following the latest trends in the world options, Broker has created his own random schedule. These quotes are entirely random and created by the random number generator. They have nothing to do the stock exchange. They are identical for all customers and can be compared at anytime. This graph can be viewed 24 hours a day.

Intrade.Bar Demo account

A demo account is available to traders so they can test the platform. After opening the familiarization account, the trader will examine the functionality of his terminal, check its operation, and make sure the broker is providing the best service.

Open demo – account

Mobile application

U There is an Android mobile app. The installer can be downloaded from the official site of the broker, in the FAQ section.

Intrade.BAR Bonuses

Unlike market competitors, the broker does not offer bonus offers to traders. This is because it isn’t profitable, can lead to loss of deposits, etc. Site indicates that the company offers a bonus of 15% on standard terms and other market companies to clients.

Affiliate Program

Each registered user can participate in the affiliate program offered by INTRADE.BAR, a binary options broker. You have two options: join the standard referral program to receive 1% on every transaction with the broker, or you can switch to the extended program which earns the broker a 53% profit. After registering, you will see the reference link in the account.

Join our affiliate program

Replenishment and withdrawal of earnings

The company’s customer service conditions state that withdrawals and transfers of funds can be processed in as little as 15 minutes. The withdrawal process takes less than five minutes if you consider the feedback from traders who work for the company. If the withdrawal occurs after hours, the financial department of the broker will process the application the next day.

Replenish account

Complaints about

We analyzed the feedback from traders on the broker online. We found that there were positive aspects (fast withdrawals, convenient terminals, professionalism of support staff, comfortable deposits to begin trading), and negative moments (lack of regulation). Negative moments (platform difficulties, lack regulation) are the most common. The network has few negative reviews. Additionally, most of them are accompanied immediately by comments from a broker representative. This gives the company a lot of confidence.

You can read the comments of other traders who have collaborated with They write about how fast they withdraw their money, the quality of the service, and the position of a broker on the market.

We will publish information on social media networks if we receive new reviews on INTRADE.BAR. Register now to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

INTRADE.BAR Broker’s regulation

A license certificate is not required for the INTRADE.BAR broker. Management of the company and customers all agreed that paper that isn’t useful for customers or doesn’t provide adequate protection is unnecessary. The broker decided to give his customers gifts instead of spending the money he saved on the certificate purchase. Positive feedback from traders is important to a broker. It’s more important than paper that doesn’t mean anything. User Agreement

The User Agreement – a document that outlines the services that will be offered to platform clients. He addresses a variety of subtle questions traders might have about working for a company. In this section of the review, we highlight the key points of the “Agreement” and provide screenshots of original documents. If a broker requests an identity check, they will do it within one day. This is possible due to the company’s benefits:

The minimum amount required to withdraw funds is 7 dollars or 350 rubles. Although the “Agreement” says that translations will take place within six hours, it is usually completed in five minutes if submitted during business hours. This item also has a plus.

This indicates that the minimum replenishment amount is 10 dollars or 500 rubles. A very low entry threshold should be considered a bonus for the company. This is true, the client cannot exchange funds using the account of his personal account. There are also exchangers.

If a company is able to detect fraudulent financial transactions by a client, it can cancel the transaction and freeze the client’s account. Everything is as it should be.

INTRADE.BAR can cancel financial transactions if there are technical mistakes. Only the details provided by the client when funds were entered are used to withdraw money. If the client is unable to use the same system used for input, he/she can indicate another method. When the client indicates details about the money’s withdrawal, he is responsible for all consequences. Commissions are not applicable to amounts above $ 100 and 7,000 rubles. This is a very nice thing that can clearly be attributed to company’s advantage.

Quotes: It is stated that the source of correct quotes is kept on the company’s server. This applies only to customers who have real accounts. If the transaction closes on the same quote, it is considered a loss. This applies to the TradingView chart.

If transactions are opened due to failure of equipment or software, hacker attacks, suspension of trading in financial market, or any other circumstances, they will be deemed invalid. INTRADE.BAR will help customers whose accounts were negatively affected by a company’s decision to update their software.

The broker can change the percentage of assets paid, the types of options and the periods of exposure. This is perfectly acceptable. These indicators are currently available at the broker’s best conditions:

The terms of the “Agreement”, which can be modified by a broker, may not be changed more than once per month.

To confirm the identity of the client, the company can request a copy from him. It is rare, however, as the broker follows the rules and does not verify. INTRADE.BAR’s main focus is on free withdrawals of funds. The broker will help you through correspondence if you have any difficulties. Most issues can be resolved in 5 minutes. This is a huge plus.

Here are the circumstances where the broker/client may influence the termination of cooperation. The client will be notified if the company decides to end its work one day prior to the event. Customers will receive all money:

INTRADE.BAR Is this a Scam?

INTRADE.BAR is a successful company in the area of binary options. The company revolutionized the way financial markets work by offering its client a unique service and boldly approaching working. After analyzing the offers from competitors, the broker was able eliminate any moments that, according to him, hinder trader’s ability to work freely and only leave those that are beneficial. High asset payments, instant transaction execution, rapid withdrawal of earnings for five minutes, professional support and innovative risk management program. Clique service, unique terminal. These are just some of the many benefits that the platform offers to brokers who want to attract traders.

It is clear that the company is serious about establishing a strong market position. The fact that it has its own software development proves that they are not fraudsters who only want to collect money from customers fraudulently and in the abyss. Separately, I would like to emphasize the broker’s attitude towards regulation, verification, bonus provision, and mobile platforms. The company’s bold position contributes to the provision of clients with favorable working conditions and the elimination of any interruptions to trading. Positive feedback from traders on the Internet about the broker is a strong indicator of the efficiency and effectiveness of this innovative system.

The company is focused upon traders from all over the globe and has the required capabilities to do so: customer support is provided in the native language of the customers, the terminal functions, earnings are generated through different ways, etc. Can I assume INTRADE.BAR is a fraudster and scam? After analyzing its capabilities, working conditions, and innovative service, we can answer the question “no” today. This conclusion is supported by positive feedback from traders regarding cooperation with the platform.

Review Conclusion about

INTRADE.BAR has been in operation for three years. Its entry into the binary option market has had a strong positive impact. He provided a unique approach to trading and helped customers to overcome any obstacles that prevented them from becoming fully proficient in binary options.

Intrade.BAR is one of the most popular and best brokerage platforms in the CIS. It offers instant transaction execution and withdrawals without verification within 5 minutes. This is also confirmed by positive customer reviews. However, the review contains a bit less detail.