Finmax Review

Do you want real experience with the broker Finmax ? This page is for you! The broker also offers CFDs and binary options for trading. I have personally tested the trading platform with real money and on this page I will tell you about my experiences and the advantages/disadvantages for traders. I’m happy to answer any questions about the platform. Finmax is safe? Learn more now!


Finmax: What’s the deal? Is it a scam or a good broker?

Many people are unsure if online brokers can be trusted. It seems easy to make money online. The downside to this is that it’s also possible to lose money. Profits can be as easy to make as losses.

Finmax is an international broker with multiple branches. Max Capital Limited, Port Vila (Vanuatu), PO Box 1276 is the official address. This is a ‘postbox’. You should be cautious.

Broker claims it offers the best service for its clients. This will be confirmed by the following test. Customers can be accepted from anywhere in the world. The platform is considered very safe. Finmax allows you to trade in both rising and declining markets via a universal trading platform. This can be done using either CFDs or options. I’m impressed by the broker’s first impression, but what about regulation?

Finmax Regulation and License: Is Finmax regulated or licensed?

Online investments require that you pay close attention to the license or regulation of the broker. A broker license establishes trust between the customer’s and the broker. Regulation requires that certain criteria and requirements be met. In most cases, a violation of these guidelines will result in the immediate revocation or suspension of your license.

The FMRRC regulates Finmax. This Russian regulation is applicable internationally. Fraud seems impossible. The rating is slightly lower because the broker doesn’t have a European license. This has its advantages (see below).

The ESMA and Finmax restrictions

The European Financial Supervisory Authority ESMA imposed strict rules on private traders and brokers in 2018. Binary options were banned and the maximum leverage allowed for CFDs is 1:30. Some trading strategies are no longer possible. Customers can trade with Finmax even though Finmax isn’t regulated in Europe. This is an obvious advantage over other brokers.

Attention: Finmax has not been regulated

An official authority regulates Finmax. FMRRC regulation does exist for the broker, however it does not cover the standards of financial markets. Vanuatu is the broker’s home. This mailbox is most likely a mailbox.

Conditions and offers for traders

Finmax is a low-cost broker that offers a great deal. Finmax allows you to trade in more than 150 markets around the clock. Because cryptocurrencies can be traded, the trading platform is available 24/7. You can also trade currencies (Forex), stocks and commodities.

You can easily switch between CFD accounts and options in the trading platform. Every trader has the option to open a demo account for free. The potential return on options can be between 70-90 percent. It all depends on the expiry date, market conditions and current account type. More details will follow. CFDs can be leveraged up to 1:200. Finmax Broker offers a spread starting at 1.0 pip/points. This spread is very competitive. You can also use attractive Forex bonus offers to deposit, to increase your account balance.

The following points summarize the characteristics of the broker. All features were tested by me personally, as well as withdrawals and deposits. Take a look at the trading possibilities! This page will provide more information on each property.

  • The IFMRRC (International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center), regulates Finmax
  • Every trader gets a free Finmax demo account
  • Different account tiers depending on deposit size
  • Trading Bonuses:
  • Trade CFDs & Options on One Platform
  • German-language support via phone, email, or chat
  • Webinars, market analysis and training free
  • Trades executed quickly and accurately with minimal lag
150+Options and CFDs5EURMaximum 1:200

Overview of Finmax trading platform:

Is the trading platform able to deliver on its promises? Finmax is a universal trading platform that works on both mobile and computer devices. Below is an excerpt of the current trading platform for CFDs. The trading platform is well-structured and very easy to use. This was my first impression.

Access to over 150 assets is quick and easy. You can also save your favorites for trades in the search window. The left dashboard can be used to get signals, follow other traders, and read the most recent market news. You can also view the current positions for all Finmax traders.

You can display the chart in different ways. You can view the Finmax Advanced Charts hosted by For a deeper analysis, I recommend Finmax Advanced Charts. The trading screen can be seen to the right of the image. It offers different options and CFDs. Finmax allows you to rely on rising or falling prices. A trade is limited to EUR5

What is the process of trading?

The following section will explain the basics of trading. CFDs can be a simple way to invest in global financial markets. CFDs are linked to an underlying asset. This is known as derivative trading. This is called derivative trading. The order mask can be seen in the image below. I’ll explain it further.


Leverage allows traders to trade greater amounts than their initial investment. With leverage of 1:100, for EUR100 to trade EUR10,000 on the market, all you need is an investment of EUR100. You should be aware that leverage can increase your risk.

Stop losing and take profit:

This is the risk-reward ratio that can be adjusted individually. The stop loss is the limit at which the trade will be automatically closed at loss (risk). The limit at which a trade is automatically closed in profit is called the take profit.

Pip Value and Trade Amount

To accurately calculate your chances of winning, you must also consider the pip value. Every market has its own price quotation. If the market rises 1 pip, and the pip value equals EUR10, your position will gain EUR10 value if bought. The trade amount represents the current position size.

Sell and Buy

You can invest in falling or rising prices via the Finmax platform. A short sale is possible.

My experience shows that is one of the best options for investors and traders new to trading.

Mobile trading via app

Finmax, the broker’s own app for Android and iOS, completes its portfolio. The app has the same features that the web trading platform. It is essential to be able manage your account from anywhere. The app allows you to respond directly to news and political events.

It runs smoothly and without any disconnections. Mobile trading can be difficult because many apps from other brokers have bugs and are poorly programmed. Finmax is a different app. It works well 1a and is highly recommendable for all devices.

  • Smart app for Android, Windows Phone, and IOS
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Get the most recent market news
  • Trade Finmax signals on go
  • You can monitor your portfolio and trades at all times
  • Operation is simple and quick
  • There are no disadvantages to trading on the browser

Options trading explained

Options can be very exciting for both novice and experienced traders. You can also speculate on rising or falling prices within a given expiration period. Fixed returns range from 70-95%. This has the advantage that the price does not have to be higher or lower than the entry point of the chart to earn a high return. (See the image below).

After a set expiration date, the options will automatically be terminated. It is then decided if you have won. There are many options on Finmax. The expiry time can be as short as 60 seconds or as long at several months.

Example: EUR/USD 75% Profit: An amount of 100EUR is invested and the right prediction is made about the future price movements. You will be paid EUR175, after the expiration period. EUR100 is the return on investment and EUR75 the profit.

Demo account at Finmax

Finmax provides a demo account to all traders for free. This account can be used to trade financial products. It can be used to try all functions and test out the trading platform. After a set period, the demo account expires. However, you can create a new account without any issues. Finmax allows you to trade with virtual money at no risk.

  • For beginners, the demo account is ideal
  • Real money trading is the same as real money trading.
  • Different strategies are possible
  • It is risk-free to trade with virtual money
  • For assistance, contact support

The demo account is available to even experienced traders, allowing them to try new strategies and test out new markets. My experience shows that the demo account is identical to the real money account. There are no differences.

Real money account

Finmax lets you switch between the demo and real money accounts at any moment. To be able use all functions of the real-money account, you need to be verified. The broker will ask for proof of ID and an address. Verification takes usually less than 24 hours. Even before verification, you can trade with real cash. However, I highly recommend that you do this after verification. The minimum deposit for is EUR250

Finmax allows withdrawals and deposits

Finmax offers more than 10 payment options for transactions, from broker to trader and vice versa. Your current address may affect the payment method. You can transfer funds via bank transfers, credit cards or e-wallets. Electronic methods allow you to credit your deposits directly.

This broker has worked well in my experience. The broker uses European banks to ensure that the payout is always available. The payout typically takes no more than 3 working days. There may be fees (see below). The broker will only use proven methods.

Are there hidden fees?

Finmax fees can vary depending on your account status. A standard (Bronze account) will charge a 3.5% withdrawal fee. A gold account is available for free once per month, while a platinum VIP account can be accessed at no additional cost. (See the image below).

Trades in financial products are free of charge. A Gold/Platinum account can be opened for cashback! 

Inactivity fee

Finmax charges a very high inactivity fee for accounts that are inactive for more than 2 months. The fee will increase the longer an account is inactive. This fee can only be paid if there is credit available.

  • Inactivity for 2 to 3 Months = 80 Euros
  • Inactivity for 3 to 6 Months = 120 Euro
  • Over 6 months = 200 euros

Finmax offers a variety of account types

Finmax also offers a variety of account types that offer a comprehensive service. Your account status will increase based on how much you deposit. Enjoy special trading benefits. A higher deposit can give you additional profit. The returns and bonuses offered by Finmax increase overall. Finmax also offers additional advertising materials.

A quick overview of the different types of accounts:

Bronze EUR250:

  • Bonuses up to 25%
  • tutorial videos
  • Account Manager

Silver EUR1000

Gold EUR5000

  • Cash back up to 2%
  • Within 24 hours, you can get your payout
  • Bonuses up to 75%
  • Trades that are risk-free
  • One free withdrawal per month
  • Account Manager
  • Webinars, and other learning materials

Platinum EUR25,000:

  • Cash back up to 4%
  • Within 24 hours payment
  • Bonuses up to 100%
  • Trades that are risk-free
  • No fees for withdrawals
  • Account Manager
  • Webinars, and other learning materials

VIP EUR100,000.

  • Cash back up to 6%
  • VIP Managers available 24/7
  • Within 24 hours payment
  • Bonuses up to 100%
  • Other markets
  • No charges for withdrawal
  • Webinars, and other learning materials
  • VIP webinars

Finmax offers a bonus offer

Every deposit can be eligible for a Finmax bonus. These terms and conditions are subject to change. You can get up to 75% bonus on your deposit. It is possible to get bonuses depending on your account type. It is additional capital to your account balance. You can trade with greater risk and more capital when you have a bonus. This will allow your winnings to soar and help you reach your goals faster.Finmax Experiences

Example: Deposit EUR5000 to Finmax to activate the 100% bonus. You could have risked EUR50 per trade if you had 1% money management. The bonus has increased the account balance to EUR10,000. You can now risk EUR100 per trade using 1% money management. Your potential winnings have been doubled

You also get another credit to your account when you receive a bonus. To receive the bonus, you must meet a certain trading volume. To be eligible to receive the bonus, you must have a trading volume of at least x40 according to the terms and conditions. Promotions include a risk-free trading. Click here to access the “Risk-free Trade (click).

Special Offers:

  • Up to 100% Deposit Bonus
  • Trades are risk-free (if you lose the trade, the amount will be credited as bonus).

Service and support for traders

My experience with customer support is one of the last points in this review. Finmax provides 24/7 support via chat, phone, or email in multiple language. This is an advantage over other brokers who don’t offer weekend support.

My experience with Finmax support has been very positive. Only German customers are handled by specially trained employees. Chat support is the fastest way to get help if you have any questions. My tests show that the chat support answers questions in 15 seconds. Telephone support is professional and can help traders with any question.

Last but not least, account managers and weekly webinars are a plus. Finmax offers a variety of learning resources to help its traders succeed. This broker is great for beginners. Even advanced traders can learn new strategies. Finmax support can be conspicuously recommended.

You can achieve success step by step

  1. Create a demo account for free – Open an account by clicking the top or bottom buttons on this site. The link will take you directly to the Finmax demo account. You can also open a real-money account directly if you prefer. My personal tip: Use the demo account to learn and test the trading platform.
  2. Finmax has enough information to help you learn and create a strategy. Free videos, ebooks, and tutorials are available. You can also join webinars. Use technical and fundamental analysis to trade. You have many options.
  3. Fund your account in just a few steps It takes only a few minutes to fund an account and it is completely free. After you are comfortable with the trading platform and feel confident, you can trade with real money. Finmax can offer returns up to 90%* on stakes.
  4. You can cash out your winnings after you feel you have made good profits. You may be charged fees for the payout. The payment will be processed in a few days.

Conclusion: Is it a good idea to invest with Finmax?

This page will show you nearly all the properties of Brokers Finmax. There are many advantages to trading with Finmax, including CFDs and trading options. I personally have been trading with Finmax over several months and can highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an excellent package.

You will find all the tools that you need to trade successfully with the broker. The flexible trading platform makes it easy to create your own strategies. You also get superior service and many benefits when trading with us, as opposed to other brokers. These webinars are free and take place several times per week.

In comparison, the conditions for traders are very high. The bonus offers are unique and unlike any other broker offers. The fees are easy to manage and are displayed on the platform transparently. Finmax is recommended for both beginners and experienced traders.


  • $5 Minimum bet
  • Universal trading platforms for options, CFDs and CFDs
  • 24/7 Support
  • Bonus offers
  • Offer of extensive further training
  • Get up to 90% Yield


  • Only a Russian regulation
  • Inactivity fees high
  • Vanuatu Brokers

Commonly asked questions and answers:

What are the consequences of inactivity?

For absences of less than 2 months, Finmax charges 80 euro inactivity fees. The costs go up the longer inactivity goes on.

How do I contact live support?

Finmax customer support is available 7 days a semaine, 24 hours a Day.

What is the minimum deposit required by Finmax?

Finmax allows you to capitalize your account with just 250 euros

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