How IQ Option works


What is the IQ Option?

IQ Option has created one of the most popular online trading platforms for financial instruments. IQ Option has helped millions of people discover the world of trading, and have given them the chance to make extra money.

It was established in Cyprus in 2013. Over 9 years, it has grown to be a market leader and has earned the respect and authority of traders. The broker has received numerous awards for its mobile apps, which have been consistently recognized as being the best in Europe.

Since its inception, the company has been in operation in the market for many years and has become a trusted broker who offers both novice and expert traders favorable conditions to trade in the financial markets. The company has several million customers, so people are less likely to ask “What is iq option?” and “How does it work?” questions. The company is becoming increasingly popular in all countries, including Portugal.

This review will focus on IQ Option and how it works with a company. It will also discuss registering, depositing in an account, withdrawing profits, and other details.

How do I register?

Click on the link to register an account. It’s free to try

Registration is easy and takes only a few minutes. You can then use the platform to experience the financial markets and make money.

We only need to register in order to start earning with IQ Option. Click on the link to register. You will only need to enter email address, password, and accept the terms. The registration is complete.

All customers are immediately provided with a demo account and an account opening is free.registration process

Types of accounts

Two types of accounts are offered by the company:

  • Demo
  • Real account
  • VIP account

When you deposit $10 or more, a standard account will be opened. In order to be granted VIP status, you must make a substantial deposit. These users will receive many privileges. These privileges make trading more efficient and increase your chances of making a profit. However, VIP status can have different requirements depending on where it was registered.

A VIP status trader can, for example, receive a higher percentage of remuneration per transaction, a personal manager, faster withdrawal processing, and access to special tournaments.

Demo account

All clients who aren’t familiar with IQ Option and its workings will be able to use a free demo account to get acquainted with the platform and trading conditions. You can also test your trading ideas, strategies, and trading concepts.

A demo account can be a great way to learn about the platform and the financial market, even if the client isn’t sure how it works. Select an account.

Traders can easily switch between a demo and real trading account. You can switch easily from demo trading to real trading. Even a novice trader who is new to the platform may not know how to move from one account to the next.

It will still be possible to access a real account after the account has been replenished. We will discuss the account replenishment process below.

Real account

A real account allows you to trade real money on a trading account. A real account allows the client to trade on the advanced IQ Option platform as well as all other functions.

You only need to open a trading account that has more than $10 in order to start working on a real one. The real account can then be used.Choose a financial market to trade

VIP account

VIP accounts are real accounts that have certain privileges and benefits. You must replenish your VIP account with a substantial amount to be eligible for this status. However, individual country regulations may vary for granting VIP accounts. To clarify any information, please visit the official website.

VIP status allows trader to enjoy a higher percentage of the remuneration per transaction, a personal manager, faster withdrawal processing, and access to special tournaments.

It’s free to try

How do you trade?

Trades on a demo account are recommended for traders not yet familiar with IQ Option. Trades can be opened on real accounts by experienced traders.

Trading terminals are designed to be easy for novice traders. The trading terminal offers traders a wide variety of tools that can be used to analyze markets and make profitable trades.

There are many chart types available. They include timeframe trading and the most useful indicators and tools to analyze the market and make the best trading decisions.

Mobile apps for the platform offer the same functionality. These apps allow you to perform all trading operations, replenish/withdraw money, and other operations.


The company tried to provide the best conditions for loading trading accounts.

You can use several of the most common payment methods at once:

  • Credit cards, debit or credit cards (Visa Mastercard, Maestro)
  • Online wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and Webmoney.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • There are other ways to replenish.

Visit the official website to learn more about the various options available to replenish your account in Portugal or another country. There may be different withdrawal and deposit methods depending on where you live.IQ Option offers several deposit methods

Trading Platforms

The company developed the broker’s trading platform using the latest technologies and its vast experience. This allowed the company to develop one of the most functional mobile apps and trading platforms in the sector.

You can download IQ Option to learn how the mobile app works from either the official website or the popular app stores.


Two ways for PC owners to get into the company are available:

  • Web application
  • Computer application.

The first scenario allows trading to be done via a web-based platform. The second scenario requires you to install a special program for your PC. Once the application is installed, attackers have direct access to a functional trading platform that allows them to quickly and easily access the global financial markets.

Cellphone app

Human life is becoming increasingly mobile and dynamic. This is something the company recognizes and offers customers mobile apps that are very functional and convenient. These apps allow you to access all features on the website.

Register, create a demo account and deposit money. You can also trade on a real account. Withdraw funds and contact customer service. Customers can use mobile apps on any modern device, regardless of their operating system.Stop losing and take profit functions for your convenience

Graphics tools

What is IQ Option? How does it work? The platform offers clients great functionality and allows them to personalize the trading process. This includes the easy setting up of trading schedules.

For traders who trade frequently, there are many charts to choose from. Clients can also switch between time periods and use different indicators and tools to make profitable trading decisions.


It is a market leader, and offers the most extensive range of trading tools.

These tools include:

  • Forex
  • Inventory
  • Assets
  • Indexes
  • ETFs

You can check the latest list of tools on their official website.


The company offers the most commonly used and useful indicators on the trading platform for market analysis and making the best trading decisions.

The broker’s platform has indicators divided into:

  • The trend is responsible for the asset’s current direction, i.e. Fall, rise, sideways, and so forth;
  • There are many functions that each average can perform, but they cannot all be called moving averages. They all have the same task: to show the trend reversal point.
  • Volume. These indicators can also be used to trade with great success.
  • Oscillators are very useful for analyzing short-term trends.

Benefits of the IQ Option platform

Types of Order

The trading terminal can accept a variety of trade orders:

  • Multiplier orders allow traders to increase their ROI by placing multiple orders.
  • Stop-Loss Orders are orders that allow traders the ability to decide how much financial loss they are willing and able to accept in a trade.
  • Orders that are called Take Profit work in the reverse direction to Stop-Loss orders.
  • Trailing stop orders are order types that increase the stop loss idea by using an automatic stop loss.
  • Pre-orders allow traders to only enter the market when the trading asset has reached the specified price.

Trader’s ability to use different types of orders can dramatically increase their efficiency and profitability in trading. Register now to take advantage of all the features on the platform. We wish you a successful investment!

It’s free to try

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