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Mobile technology is a big part of modern life, and traders are no exception. Mobile apps for trading are becoming more popular. We will review IQ Option X, a trading app available for Android. It offers a wide range of trading instruments on the IQ Option platform. It is also the only mobile app that offers binary options. This article will discuss IQ Option X, including a review of the trading room, tools and features.

You can also download the WPA version of IQ Option X for Android and IOS here


How do I download the IQ Option X app?

The IQ Option official website is the best place to download IQ Option X. This app is not available on the App Store or Google Play. This app is for Android devices only.

Pay attention to your operating system requirements

  • Android 5.1 and later
  • Hard disk space: 74 MB

After downloading the app, you will need to log in to IQ Option X. Log in to existing IQ Option accounts or create a new one. The platform provides a practice account for new traders to gain some experience before making their first deposit.

How to Download IQ Option X APK For Android

Instructions for downloading IQ Option X apk application

1. Register for an account

Enter your email address and create a password. These are your login details to the trading room.

2. Accept these Terms of Use and Privacy Policies

3. To experience the best trading platform, sign up now and get started in the trading room.

4. Install IQ Option X apk to your smartphone

5. You will find many tutorials and support videos in the trading room. Good luck!

IQ Option provides a simple interface that allows traders to focus on trading and not be distracted by advertisements or banners.

The trader must first register on the platform and activate it to begin using the system’s services. You don’t need any computer skills to use the system. Simply open the form, and fill in your personal information in the required fields.

The “Register” button is easy to find. You don’t have to make many requests. All you have to do is enter your first and last names, as well as an active email address. You will receive an activation email. Follow the link to activate your account. Your IQ Option account has been activated and you are ready to trade. To get familiar with the features of this trading platform, a trial version is recommended for beginners.

Your login will become active if you have done everything correctly. You will then be able access your personal account. Once you have activated the account and confirmed the code, you will be taken to the page that contains a guide for how to use the system.Advanced features at your disposal

This is essential for trader’s to develop trading skills and trade easily. This IQ Option account is not for you if you are looking to practice before you open a full version.

Experts recommend opening a demo account as every trading platform is different.

A trader can open a personal account by using an external account. This could be from a social networking site, for instance. This is extremely practical as you don’t need to enter your personal details, they already exist in your account.Different types of assets

Login is as easy as clicking the checkbox. The login will take place from your mobile device or computer. It is designed so that traders can access the trading website without having to go through third-party requirements.

Please verify that your data (your first and last names) are correct before you attempt to access your external account. Many traders are curious about the data required to access their IQ Option accounts. Only true data. You will need to create a login account with all your details. This is a serious trading platform. This is required to verify your identity as well as to be able to access and top-up your account in the future.

Trading room overview

IQ Option X is a horizontal layout that allows traders to simultaneously track up to five different assets.

The main screen of the trading room

On the left side is the main menu. This section allows merchants to make deposits and withdrawals. view your trading history, modify app settings and contact support.

the main menu

You can also see icons on the left that are familiar to existing IQ Option traders. You can click on these icons to view your portfolio, receive market news, set alerts, and watch tutorials on the platform’s tools.

Services available in the trading room

The bottom menu offers trading information as well as some graphical tools for analyzing these technical indicators.

The bottom menu of the trading room

Technical indicators can be used to analyze assets. You can read more about technical indicators if you are not familiar with them.

What trades can you make on IQ Option X

IQ Option X offers the following trading instruments:

The list of trading instruments

  • binary options
  • digital options
  • CFDs (Forex, Stocks, Commodities, ETF, Crypto).

Some of these instruments can also be accessed through other mobile apps. The best thing about IQ Option X is the fact that you can trade binary options.

What are Binary Options?

Binary options are one of the easiest trading tools. Both novice and experienced traders love binary options. They are not available on all trading platforms. Binary options trading is available on the online platform, desktop version and IQ Option X mobile app by IQ Option.

Binary option can be used to trade. Binary option refers to a contract that can only have two outcomes at expiration. Either the trader makes a profit with the amount set before the trade or he loses his initial deposit.

Trading binary options requires you to determine whether the asset price will increase or decrease before expiry. The price must rise above or fall below the starting price to make a profit. This depends on the trader’s order. The trader would place an order to CALL if he believed the price would increase. If the price is below, place an order for PUT.

call and put

The trader does not buy the underlying asset by placing an order. The trader tries to predict the price level of the asset at a specific time (at expiration). If the forecast is correct, the trader makes a profit. Before the trade is made, the trader will indicate the potential profit.

Pay attention to the expiry date of trades. It can be found on the right side. The screen will display the closest expiration time as a vertical line along with the buy time, which indicates the time to place a trade.

Expiration indicated in the trading room
You can still close a trade after completing it by clicking SELL. You may not be allowed to return your entire deposit. The amount that must be returned is also indicated.

The amount to be returned if the trade is closed before expiration
This article How to trade binary options contains more information and tips on binary trading.

Other trading instruments

Other trading instruments are available through IQ Option X, such as CFDs or digital options.

CFD (contract for difference) is a financial contract that pays the difference between closing and opening prices. It is essential to be familiar with the basics of margin trading before you can trade CFDs. This article provides a detailed explanation with examples. IQ Option Forex Margin Trading Guide.

While digital options can be compared to binary options, there are important differences. This guide How to Trade Digital Options: Your Definitive Guide will help you understand them and how to trade them.


IQ Option X offers a convenient solution for mobile traders who love to trade. You can trade with a wide range of instruments. The most popular option is IQ Option X, which is not available on any other mobile app.

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